Welcome to the Western Colorado Research Center

WCRCLogopictransThe Western Colorado Research Center is part of a network of 7 research centers (9 sites) throughout the state. The center includes the Fruita site, located 15 miles northwest of Grand Junction which hosts variety performance trials of new/improved varieties of alfalfa, beans and small grains as well as the The Colorado Foundation Bean program. The Orchard Mesa site is located 7 miles Southeast of Grand Junction. The research conducted at this site includes tree fruits, wine grape production, dry bean variety increases, and ornamental horticulture. This site also houses Ram\’s Point Winery.The winery is designed as the primary vehicle for training students and interns in best winemaking and winery business practices, as well as providing a location for enology research and outreach.  It is also visible public recognition for the CSU partnership with Colorado Association for Viticulture and Enology (CAVE), representing the Colorado wine industry.

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